Andrés Manuel Sarasola González

He was born in Agramonte, province of Matanzas on August 29, 1926, of Spanish parents and social worker origin was professionalized as an accountant and came to occupy the position of advisor to the Ministry of Sugar. He began his working life in 1940 in the central Francisco Castro Ceruto of the current province of Granma as a messenger and already for the 1950s, after having gone through more than a dozen jobs in an ascending way, he becomes auxiliary administrator of Central San Ramón, considered position of importance and confidence for the time.

With the triumph of the Revolution and the intervention of the centrals, in 1960 he was appointed president of the Local Commission for the Application of Agrarian Reform in the San Ramón Central, later becoming the administrator of the central and at the same time of the central Roberto Ramírez .

In 1962, he became head of the Economic Department of the Provincial Delegation of Sugar in the province of Oriente. Between 1964 and 1976, he holds the responsibility of economic and production deputy director of the Provincial Company of the Sugar Industry of the East.

For more than 20 years he was director of accounting and finance at the Ministry of Sugar, which at that time was subordinated 6 departments: systems, accounting, pricing, finance, analysis and audit. From 1998 until his death he served as advisor to the Minister of Sugar.

Since 1988 he has been a visiting professor at the Central University of Las Villas and an assistant professor at the National Sugar Training Center of the Minaz, a member of the Scientific Commission of the Alvaro Reynoso Honors Chair of the University of Havana since its foundation.

He participated in more than a dozen national and international scientific and academic events, as well as dozens of lectures on various accounting and economic issues associated with the sugar industry and other activities related to the sector such as transport, construction and internal and external trade.

For his prestige and knowledge, he integrated more than 20 Councils, Commissions, Groups and Boards linked to accounting, economics and projects related to the sugar agro-industry. It has dozens of publications in different impact journals on topics of economy, administration, accounting and production related to the sugar industry.

He contributed to the training of a large number of cadres and professionals in the economic, administrative, accounting and financial branches of the Sugar Agro-industry, convinced of the importance and weight of this sector in the national economy. In the same way, under his responsibility, he elaborated the entire accounting normative base of the Sugar Agroindustry that formed the basis for the development of the Versat Sarasola software.

Due to his career and results in the work he obtained numerous recognitions among which stand out:

- Certificate "Las Demajagua" as Leader in the Sugar Agroindustry
- Jesús Suárez Gayol Order as a fiftieth anniversary of the Sugar Agroindustry.
- ANEC Medal for 50 years as an Economist.
- Medal of the Ministry of Finance and Prices for more than 15 years as leader of the financial activity.
- Antero Regalado Medal, awarded by the ANAP in recognition of the support provided to the cooperative and peasant sector.
- Medal commemorative XXX Anniversary of the Fall in Combat of the Heroic Guerrilla awarded by the National Union of Sugar Workers.
- Certificate as the most outstanding table of the Ministry of Sugar in the year 1997.
- National Economy Award 1999