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Sports and cultural movement

The management of AZCUBA, SNTA and ANAP work to strengthen the sports and cultural traditions of workers and peasants, their families and residents of the bateyes and agro-sugar communities, promoting the values ​​of Cuban life, healthy lifestyle habits, motivation, leisure, rooting by sector, among others.

This movement allows the strengthening of the sector and its relations with the social environment where it develops its main productions. As part of this program, more than 250 baseball teams and 220 artistic units have been set up throughout the sector, with more than 4 800 athletes and 1 100 amateur artists who have relied on costumes and sports and artistic modules for the dignified realization of both sports and cultural events.
Although other local sports movements such as the domino game, soccer and others are promoted and supported, the Liga Azucarera constitutes the maximum expression of sport, not only in the sugar sector, but also in the Cuban workers' movement.

Liga Azucarera is the national baseball championship that takes place with the participation of more than 250 baseball teams composed of sugarcane agroindustrial workers and their families. This event is developed from the productive base with zonal, territorial, regional and national qualifiers, facing the two finalist teams in a play of 7 games, to win 4.
During the year, especially in emulation checks, the most important celebrations, summer and other events, recreation and traditional Cuban art are promoted, with more than 220 artistic units also established in agro-sugar communities and bateyes; but it is the National Music Festival: Caña y Azúcar, the maximum expression of the cultural movement.

In a process that also starts from the productive base, the base, provincial, regional events and finally the National Festival take place in the province selected for the results of the last year, where the artistic units that were climbing at each level compete for their quality. During two days the musical groups compete, to know the third day, during the Cultural Gala with the best of sugar art the winner.

The Sugar Agribusiness Services Company (ESAZUCAR) also organizes and guarantees gastronomic fairs, agricultural and other activities in the communities where these sporting and cultural events take place, integrating all the factors that guarantee the maximum quality and social impact. , also guarantees the accommodation of the participants in the aforementioned events.

The Companies guarantee that the houses of the sugar worker are included in the program of activities with sports and cultural actions, always achieving the link with the factors of the community.
The Companies and the AZCUBA Group conceive in the plan of the economy the expected expenses in the realization of the Sugar League and the Music Festivals and the rest of the planned sport and cultural activities, besides controlling their execution.

The Companies guarantee the transportation of personnel participating in these sports and cultural movements to the different levels.

  • Grupo musical premiado 2017. Festival de artistas aficionados del Azúcar
    Grupo musical premiado 2017. Festival de artistas aficionados del Azúcar
  • Equipo campeón de la Liga Azucarera, 2017
    Equipo campeón de la Liga Azucarera, 2017
  • Juego de pelota Liga Azucarera, 2017
    Juego de pelota Liga Azucarera, 2017
  • Juego de pelota Liga Azucarera, 2017
    Juego de pelota Liga Azucarera, 2017