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Currently, the generation of electricity from sugarcane biomass provides the largest amounts among all the renewable sources used in the country. The cane from sugar production is composed of bagasse and cane straw.
• 56 plants are installed in the national electrical system for 34.5 Kb.
The sector sells the surplus electricity from manufacturing processes to the Unión Eléctrica de Cuba (UNE).
• There is produced 470 MW of electric power, 486 corresponding to sugar mills and refineries.
• The energy efficiency of the power plants and refineries, and the technological resources installed in them, allow that all the energy that is produced, be able to export 15% to the UNE.
• The sugarcane biomass has been representing 3.7% of the supply of the renewable source of energy in the national energy matrix.
• The energy potential of sugarcane and the energy efficiency of the sugar mills and refineries in Azcuba today constitutes an investment potential that the Graupo Azucarero has embodied in a Bioelectric program with 25 plants of this type in the past 11 they are negotiated, 3 are built, and 14 remain on offer with 420 MW.

Bagazo de caña como fuente de energía
Bagazo de caña como fuente de energía
Caldera para la quema de bagazo
Caldera para la quema de bagazo
Turbogenerador de energía
Turbogenerador de energía
Planta eléctrica
Planta eléctrica