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The AZCUBA business group plays a leading role in the protection of the environment due to the large area of ​​land it occupies and its industry being responsible for an important part of the pollution originated in the country, therefore having a strategic Environmental that proposes goals and actions with a view to sustainable development without compromising future generations is a task of the first order.
In the National Environmental Strategy (ENA) of Cuba 2016-2020 in preparation, the main environmental problems have been identified, with which the AZCUBA business group contributes directly or indirectly through its activity:
1. Soil degradation
2. Affectations to forest cover
3. Pollution
4. Loss of biological diversity and deterioration of ecosystems.
5. Lack of and difficulties with water management, availability and quality.
6. Impacts to climate change.
7. Deterioration of sanitary hygiene in human settlements.

I. Mission
The Environmental Strategy is the guiding document of the environmental policy of the AZCUBA Business Group for the period 2016-2020, which establishes the principles on which its environmental work is based; characterizes the main environmental problems of the sector, integrates the efforts, evaluates the results and establishes priorities with a view to improving the protection of the environment, the quality of life and the rational use of natural resources, in the context of the sustainable development of the sector.

III. Vision
To reach a higher level in the protection of the environment, achieving a rational use of the human, natural, financial and material resources available to the AZCUBA Business Group at all levels and on a sustainable basis, so that AZCUBA is recognized as a leading and consolidated organization in environmental matters. To do so, it provides the best professional skills to guarantee high levels of efficiency in its actions, while at the same time acquiring a strong commitment to fulfill its mission.

IV. General strategic objectives
• Guarantee the rational use of natural resources and the conservation of their ecosystems, as a basis for the sustainability of development.
• Reduce the pollution caused by the sugar agroindustry as a way to improve environmental quality.
• Effectively implement actions to address climate change, prioritizing adaptation measures.
• Improve and develop the instruments of environmental policy and management to support the decision making of their sugar companies

V. Strategic directions
The strategic directions will be:
A. Rational management of natural resources.
B. Improvement of environmental quality.
C. Confrontation to climate change.
D. Improvement of the instruments of environmental policy and management.

The National Programs and Plans to be taken into account will be:
• National Program for the Improvement and Conservation of Soils.
• National Hydraulic Development Program 2015 - 2020.
• National Forestry Program.
• National Program of Biological Diversity 2016 - 2020.
• Plan 2014 - 2020 of the National System of Protected Areas.
• Program for the eradication of polluting sources that affect sources of water supply 2014-2020.
• Program of confrontation to the contamination of the bays.
• Sanitary Hygiene and Environmental Quality Commission Program.
• Program for the elimination of substances that deplete the ozone layer (ODS).
• National Program for the Development of Renewable Energy.
• Directives for the Confrontation to Climate Change 2016 - 2020.
• National Program to Combat Desertification and Drought.
• Directive 1 of the National Defense Council.
• Action plans for chemical products and high impact waste.
• National Environmental Education Program.

Grupo Azucarero AZCUBA has a high potential of more than 180 scientists and researchers coming mainly from the INICA and ICIDCA institutes categorized academically and scientifically. They have achieved important scientific results in research with recognized awards of national and international economic impact.
In AZCUBA more than 1500 sector workers contributed in 2017 a total of 4319 Solutions in science and technology awards to solve practical problems of the companies attached to the Group that allow to substitute imports to the country

Tratamiento de residuales
Tratamiento de residuales
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Feltiriego. Vinaza
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Biogás. Tratamiento de residuales
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Trampa de sólido