Jesús Suárez Gayol

He was born on May 24, 1936 in La Quinta de la Cobadonga, Asturias. When his parents moved to Cuba, they settled down in the Dumañuecos neighborhood of the Central Manatí neighborhood.

During his primary and secondary studies he stands out for his character. As a teenager he is impressed by the events of the Moncada and sees in the armed struggle proposed by Fidel the path to achieve the independence of Cuba.

He was personally involved in the struggle for a deep friendship with José Antonio Hechevería, president of the FEU.

In 1956 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science and entered the agricultural school of the University of Havana where he excelled in the acts of the historic hill against tyranny.

Later he participates in clandestine actions of the July 26 movement and joins the guerrilla struggle of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.

Once the dictatorship was overthrown, it directed the Provincial Delegation of the INRA of Las Villas and later went on to perform other functions of the Sugar Institute.

He is selected by Che to integrate the Internationalist Guerrilla that would fight in Bolivia for the Liberation of America. After leaving Cuba, he leaves two farewell letters, one for his parents and one for his children.

He arrives in Bolivia on September 19, 1966, forming part of the rearguard where he fulfills all his duties with discipline and decision until he falls on April 10, 1967.