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The Central Office of AZCUBA Sugar Group directs and controls the business management of all of its companies throughout the national territory in order to fully meet the requirements and expectations of its customers.
For this purpose, the Supervision and Control Process identified as a key process of its quality system is managed, based on the ISO 9001: 2015 NC, which guarantees compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the governing bodies and other national institutions , as well as those established by the AZCUBA Group.

The Central Office satisfies the needs of internal and external information, as well as establishes the compliance of the management of the business system and its effectiveness.
It has competent personnel and the management system establishes the methods and procedures that guarantee continuous improvement in the activities it carries out.
This policy allows to establish and review the quality objectives and is known and understood by our managers, workers, as well as by customers, external suppliers and interested parties.

Certifications of the Quality Management System

AZCUBA Sugar Group, works for the certification of Quality Management Systems in its Companies and the Group; as well as in its products, laboratories, safety and health and environmental management.
In correspondence with this effort, five AZCUBA companies are certified with Quality Management Systems, another five are advanced in their implementation and have the files submitted for approval and implementation.
The Central Office of the AZCUBA Group and the rest of the 17 entities are in different phases of the implementation process and plan to deliver the files before the end of 2018.

In the case of the products, a total of 14 products, all rums, are certified to date. Progress is being made in the certification of the sugar product in several plants and in other products and services.
There are 8 accredited laboratories, 4 of the Comercializadora Company (TECNOAZUCAR), 3 of the Cuban Institute of the Sugar Cane Derivatives (ICIDCA) and 1 of the Industrial Technical Services Company (ZETI). These laboratories have received follow-up audits, all with positive results. Other laboratories, mainly from the Cuban Research Institute of Caña (INICA) and ZETI, are in the final phase of accreditation.
As a strategy of the Management of AZCUBA it has been established that the Companies that have certified their Quality Management Systems, as a second step, will work on the implementation of the Health and Safety System and the Environmental Management System. Already the Importing Company (AZUIMPORT) accredited in its Quality Management System was accredited in its Safety and Health System and Environmental Management.

The rest of the companies accredited in the quality management system advance in these last two achieved by AZUIMPORT.