Strategic Projection

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The sugar agroindustry is a strategic sector of the economy from being able to sustain its own development and harmonize it with the environment, have a renewable raw material, capacity to provide electrical energy, security to export all the sugar and honey that it produces, to be a source of employment in the rural area and be the fundamental economic activity of 50 municipalities of the country.
Objective: to ensure the sustainability of the growth of the production of sugarcane, sugar and its derivatives until the year 2024 and project the modernization of the productive process, with an approach that contributes to modify the country's energy matrix, based on the increase in the use of biomass sugar cane as fuel.

1. Increase annually the production of sugarcane, raising the agricultural yield within the approved ground fund and reduce the average distance of cane shooting to less than 20 km.
2. Investments for the cultivation and irrigation of the cane
3. Complete and modernize the balance of cut, rise and draft, to ensure compliance with the potential standard of the plants.
4. It is planned to reorganize and gradually modernize the cane harvesting system.
5. Increase the milling capacity of the plants, in correspondence with the sugarcane growth.
6. Modernize the industrial campus with the development of new equipment and systems such as: planetary gearboxes, electromagnets, ferries, lotus clubs, larger capacity pre-evaporators, shredder, rotary colander, flexible coupling, mixers, probes, etc.
7. Raise industrial and energy efficiency.
8. Guarantee the quality and safety parameters of sugar.
9. Reduce the pollution load to the environment.
10. Manage the change of image and the improvement of the conditions of the plants.
11. Increase the storage capacity of sugar and honey, until covering 30 and 40% of both productions.
12. Maximize the production of derivatives, based on sugarcane growth, prioritizing the production of alcohol and animal feed, and flexibilizing the industrial process that allows the change of its productive matrix according to the market.
13. Increase the capacities in factories, workshops and plants of the Support Companies, which contribute to the increase and development of cane production; sugar and derivatives, as well as the reduction of the cost of the cane and sugar ton.
14. Biollectric We will contribute to the transformation of the country's energy matrix by raising the generation; launching 18 of 25 projected bioelectric plants and other measures that increase the generation and energy efficiency of the sector.

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Construcción de Bioeléctrica con inversión extranjera
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