AZCUBA Sugar Group welcomes you to the Cuban Sugar Agroindustry Website. Heir to a tradition and culture of more than 500 years, the Cuban sugar industry lasts and develops before new scenarios. Knowing the rich history and current challenges is one of the purposes of this site. It is also interesting to keep the most diverse interested public informed about the different issues related to this economic-productive and social sector that is so important for Cuba. It is our desire that you find useful information, and stimulate us with your criteria to perfect and please the most diverse informational interests.

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We investigate and plant new varieties of seeds more resistant to diseases that attack the grass


We have more than 150 industrial plants in which we obtain 7 direct products of sugar cane and more than 100 by-products


The energy potential of sugarcane and the energy efficiency that today's power plants and refineries have in AZCUBA, constitutes an investment potential in the Azucarero Group


We exhibit a rich culture of heritage traditions and resources through museums of the sugar industry available in 4 regions of the country

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